A golden paste.




Ambrosia is a drug made from the fruit of the Eder Tree, or the nectar of the flower from the same tree.


Because the Eder Tree grows solely on Rekkan, Rekkan is the only source for it's manufacture. The Dramer collect both the flowers and fruits of these trees, either from the wild or from orchids, and develop them into a drug.

Refined Ambrosia comes from the flower. It is a distilled form of the nectar from the flower. It is served ice cold, and tastes vaguely of apple. When drunk, it produces vivid hallucinations, and a pleasant, calming feeling. It can also be turned in a crystal, which when inhaled nasally is extremely potent, but highly addictive and dangerous.

A smokeable paste comes from the fruit, where the fruit is boiled, then mashed into a fine paste (including the seed), which is then smoked, typically from a pipe. This produces less pronounced hallucinations, often only seeing the world through rose (or green) tinted glasses, but has more of a "buzz", dulling senses greatly.


Ambrosia, including it's cultivation and it's sale and consumption, is completely legal in Rekkan, where it makes up a chief export of the Dramer.