A small piece of unworked ebony.


Ebony comes from the volcanic ash and rock that covers the Dramer homeland of Rekkan. During ancient times, the island was a volcano, and huge deposits of this material can be found both above and below ground level. While it does not have to be Rekkan ash, the unique nature of the volcano made the ash extremely fine, which makes it the best for the manufacture of Ebony.


The manufacturing of ebony is a simple procedure, but one that requires thousands of years of practice to get perfect. All that needs to be done is that the rock be broken down into an extremely fine powder, or if ash, no preparation is necessary. After that, a skilled Dramer craftsman using Kinetic Magick to exert tremendous, but precise, pressure on the powder, cementing it together into one of the hardest substances in the world.


Due to it's abundance, the Dramer use it in everything from their ships, the Vakir, to their weaponry, to their jewellry and technology. The finished products are then used, or sold into the world at large. As the practice of Kinetic Magic is largely confined to the Dramer, it takes a skilled Kinetic Mage, and practiced craftsman, and so the material itself is pratically useless - though pretty.