Formerly a Juhn-ro-Krim-da holy site, the race's decline in power and subsequent ousting by the Mhenuur left the city in ruins for centuries. It was only within the early years of the Brave Era that the Mhenuur build upon and restored it for use as a port city for trade with the Dramer of Rekkan and the Families of the Dún. The city itself stretches along much of the inner gulf in the south and the architecture feels out of place compared to most Mhenuur cities, the towering stone-block buildings matching the rumored size of its former tenants. Much of the city goes unused and many buildings are simply used for mass storage for trade goods.


One of the last standing cities of the former Juhn-ro-Krim-da's reign, its buildings have stood against the passage of time and remain mostly intact. Buildings are formed from reddish black stone blocks of unknown origin and carved inside with unusual patterns, each tall enough to almost rival the Mhekhurr tower in Khor'Juhn-dro. The most well known construction is called the Khorvo, a massive opaque dome further inland that is much wider then any of the other buildings in the city. It has since been carved open and used as a stopping point for most Gorm-ba traveling further east into Usareik or to one of the other cities in Khorrum.


While the Mhenuur use the city frequently, there is a stigma attached with it for being a place of ill repute and many Mhenuur are uneasy of its origins. While the port, trading district, and Khorvo are heavily guarded by Krim'thun, most of the city has gone unguarded until recent years. Finding a home in the city's outcast feeling, the Urum'far have taken to living in these unwatched sections of the city when not out in the world, acting as a sort of neighbor watch. Because of this, foreigners are strongly advised to stick to the port and trade districts, lest they insult the Urum'far living there; as they will simply kill anyone without a trial or even a real crime. They're tolerated for the most part since they keep to themselves, but their activities tend to include gladiatorial fights to the death and other blood sports.