One of two apex predators of Khorrum, they are prevalent across the savanna and are related to the Mhenuur-tamed Goro. Their main source of food is the Hrum-va, which they occasionally compete for with the Brukk'da.


This tiger-sized reptomammal is covered in short reddish fur and males sport a large mane of tentacle-like appendages. Four of these tentacles are much larger then the rest are prehensile and used for mating displays, fighting rivals, and strangulating tough prey. When startled, the main stands on end to scare away or intimidate enemies. Their tails are thick and powerful, ending with a flat flap of tough skin that is also used to intimidate by slapping the ground with a resounding thud. At the very tip of the tail is a small barb used for maiming defeated rivals, a powerful male Ghorrim will have few scratches. Their jaws are lined with two rows of small, sharp teeth and they have a large three-pronged tongues. Their bellows sound like a very deep tuba and much of Khorrum is filled with their howls during mating season.