The faithful companion of the Mhenuur, this dog-like animal is commonly used for hunting, being watchdogs, and pets. Closely related to the Ghorrim, the Mhenuur domesticated wild Ghorrim and bred them into these loyal, obediant, and playful animals. Their playful chirps are a common sound heard in Mhenuur settlements.


Much of their original biology remains from their wild cousins, the Ghorrim, but with some clear changes due to controlled breeding. Their size has been managed down to that of an average large breed of dog. The large prehensile tentacles have been bred out because of the extreme amount of aggression caused by hormone-producing glands within them, with this change came the lighter colors of the head and coat. The tail no longer has its barb (though some breeds still retain this) and the skin flap has shrunk down. The teeth are much smaller then the Ghorrim's and their howls are almost musical chirps. Females lack the tentacle mane and tend to have duller colors.