The giraffe like invertebrates of the Khorrum savannas, they are extremely skittish and will flee in a moment's notice. Their primary food source is the Ver'Urum as they are able to reach the leaves without injury.


The size of a stout giraffe, the Hounif are herbavores, eating leaves with their small trunk-like proboscis, and travel in small groups. While their carapace provides some protection from a predator's attacks, they rely heavily on their whip-like tail to scare away or inflict pain to drive them away. If that fails, they resort to using their reinforced cranial and neck carapaces to bash attackers. Most of the time they will run from any potential threat, regardless of how small.


Often prey of the Ghorrim, they steer clear of even Mhenuur settlements because of the similar smell given off by the domesticated Goro. Mhenuur rarely hunt these beasts as their meat is bitter and poisonous to them in large quantities, the Aq'Ryss that have settled in Khorrum have no such problem and hunt them commonly.