Once known as the Juhn-ro-Krim-da, these giantic beings ruled over Khorrum and Usareik in ancient times, having enslaved the Mhenuur and shaped the land. After the end of the Mhenuur-Juhn-ra War, their population has dwindled due to constant extermination by Mhenuur trackers and warriors looking to test their mettle.


In ancient times, the Juhn-ra were said to stand over 30 ft tall and some accounts by the Mhenuur say that some were taller still. The three massive statues that surround the Shaman's Council Hall in Khor'Juhn-dro are said to be the petrified remains of the War-kings that met the first Mhenuur shaman in battle (50 ft tall). Current generation Juhn-ra are 9-12 ft tall on average and weigh around 850 lbs.

All Juhn-ra have two sets of arms, the lower set meant for detailed and delicate work, but still powerful nonetheless and the upper set meant for upper body strength needed for lifting, fighting, and wielding blunt weapons. They have reverse articulated legs that end in cloven hooves, they are meant for running great lengths on the plains, but have adapted to climb rocky terrian with their new homes hiding in the mountains of the Kvurian Isles. Coat color varies from deep reds to bright oranges and skin colors come in mostly yellows, but a few rare Juhn-ra have red or gold skin. The tail is the exception of the colors, always a combination of reds, oranges, and yellows that imitate flames, they contain numerous sharp quills that are used to slow down escaping beasts or fleeing foes. 3-6 horns crowd their heads and are mostly used in fighting against other Juhn-ra males.

Female physiology is mostly unknown as few have been seen and seem to have little participation in Juhn-ra society other then child rearing and gathering plants. It is known that they are much smaller than the males (7-8 ft), have less fur, short horns, and look closer to baseline humans from afar.