Predator of the seas around the Kvurian Isles, this massive bone-plated monstrosity stalks the ocean floor, waiting for its next meal. In its adolescent phase, they hunt primarily near the surface and are often a nuisance for seafaring vessels.



Mostly covered in thick bony plates, their heads are hard enough to ram through most wooden vessels. In place of the normal caudal fin of most fish, numerous tentacles have grown in its place and is used primarily for anchoring themselves on the ocean floor, waiting for prey. Pushing off with their great strength and lunging forward, jaw agape, and latching onto their prey or swallowing them whole. These tentalces can be used for continuous locomotion, but the Junraka tire can easily from this and tend to swim slowly, stalking their prey and then pounce. Junraka eggs are often cemented to rocky coastal outcropping near the surface, the sacs that hold them are extreme durable, but the eggs themselves are soft. The eggs are about the size of a large naval orange and have a strong fish flavor with a sweet and salty undertone, which is why the Mhenuur consider it a delicacy. In adolescence, the junraka is about the size of a tiger shark and are forced to hunt on the surface, lest they turn prey from the adults below. An adult's size can range from twice the size of the adolescent phase to 50% larger then an adult Gorm-ba.