The Kam'ak'tuun, also called the Ak'Tuun for short, are a black furred big cat, with large golden eyes. They hunt in a similar fashion to the Ra'tun, though the species live on opposite sides of the world.

These are extremely solitary creatures, who roam the Kira Jungle as their own. As many as 10,000 are estimated to exist in the Jungle.


The Kam'ak'tuun play a special significance in the Kira Jungle, where the Yakira believe that these spirits of these beasts swoop down and steal the souls of their victims. As such, these creatures are both feared and respected. If a deceased one is found by a Yakira tribe, they will not approach it, and give the area a wide berth until the body either decomposes or is eaten. It's bones are then used for medicine.

Prey and Predator

The Kam'ak'tuun is the ultimate hunter in the Kira Jungle. No animal, not even sentient races prey on it. It eats almost any living thing, including the young of the Yakira.