Located in Khorrum, in the Kvurian Isles, it is the capital of the Mhenuur race, this massive city of seemless stone walls and sprawling vegetation stands as a testament to their power in controlling nature and thriving in such a barren region. It is home to the Shaman Order , the governing and military body of the Mhenuur.


Built mostly of shaped stone and clay huts in the lower districts, Mhenuur architecture is extremely simplistic and pragmatic. The outer wall is made of one giant piece of solid stone shaped by the shaman and has to be controlled and parted by talented Krim'thun wallguards to allow anyone access into the city since it lacks any traditional form of gateway. The most prominent feature of the city is the massive hall of the Shaman order, being the tallest building in Khorrum; it is surround by the three petrified war-kings of the ancient Juhn-ro-Krim-da standing since before the Dawn Era. Perched atop the towering hall is Cthifyur, the oldest Cthifvavum tree in Khorrum; being almost as old as the three war-kings. The tree was originally planted in the ground between them, but with the march of time, has been moved and transplanted many times, finally resting on top of the building itself. The streets are often lined with gardens and is known as one of the few markets that sells fruits and vegetables right out of the ground.