Kinetic Magic is a unique school of Magic taught solely by the Dramer of Rekkan


Kinetic Magic began as a form of telekinesis, on the island of Dram. The Dramer were not a physically strong race, and extreme Shapeshifting required tremendous mental exertion. Telekinesis brought an easy way to move objects around. As time went on, the Dramer learned how to do more than basic telekinesis - the ability to exert pressure onto objects, precisely apply that pressure, and use all three dimensions to move objects around.


Kinetic Magic comes naturally to most Dramer, but requires teaching and practice to be used properly. In ancient times, Kinetic Magic was taught at the Great Library of Haven, but was the library was destroyed during The Red War. Since then, Kinetic Magic has been taught by both the College of Rekkan, and the Dragon Monks to outsiders. The Dragon Warriors also provide training, but only to their members.

Pratical Use

The practical use of Kinetic Magic is diverse. The most common use of Kinetic Magic is for building. Were it not for the ability to effortless move large sections of earth and stone, Rekkan (city) would be entirely impossible. It is also used to manufacture and shape ebony, which the Dramer use for everything from building and jewellery to the Vakir and Ren.

Kinetic Magic is also used as part of a material art form taught by the Dragon Monks of Rekkan.