The Knuthian Toad is a black, yellow spotted species of toad found all over the world, believed to have originated in the Kira Jungle


The Knuthian Toad is a mid-sized toad, about 3/4 of a foot long when it's legs are fully extended. It is black all over, except for it's yellow spots, that cover it's body.

The Knuthian Toad is remarkable in it's reproduction. In it's body is a sac, that produces a odour that triggers a feeding frenzy among most bird populations. Also inside this sac, however is the toad's young. After being devoured, the toad's young grow up in the birds stomach, where upon maturing, they eat their way out.

Because of a bird's naturally tendency to migrate, these toads have been spread all over the world, where they have been forced to adapt to colder climates.

Prey and Predators

The Knuthian Toad is unique in it's habit of being eaten and eating the same predator, which includes most species of birds. For the rest of it's adult life, the Knuthian Toad preys on large spiders, other toads, as well as smaller insects like moths and flies.


The same sac that triggers a feeding frenzy in birds also causes extreme aggression in most sentient races when ingested, a fact which has led the Dramer to exploit it's properties and to be developed into a stimulant named War Bloom