Kvurian Nightshade, observed while under the effects of Kvurian Nightshade

Kvurian Nightshade is both a breed of seaweed found around the Kvurian Isles and a drug produced by the Dramer from the same plant.


Kvurian Nightshade is a black seaweed, which grows on the coastline of the Kvurian Isles. During photosythesis, it produces a gas that when mixed with the air is completely harmless, but when inhaled in a pure form is extremely poisonous. The plant itself is also poisonous.


Kvurian Nightshade is made in rooms lit by Deonite Crystals, as more and constantly light helps the plant photosythesise better. The plants are stored in 3 foot deep troughs of salt water. The gas is heavier than air, so it sinks to the bottom of these troughs, which are lined with a cloth. The gas is semi-soluble, and so mixes with the water, where it soaks into the cloth. Once a week, the cloth is removed, and a new cloth put down. The cloth is stored is a glass jar, tightly packed.


The soaked cloth is smoked, or the gas inhaled through placing the cloth over the head. Direct inhalation is advised against.

Kvurian Nightshade is common place within the Nokana Empire.


When smoked, Kvurian Nightshade starts with a slow, throbbing sensation, that starts in the chest, but eventually fills the body. Vision becomes dim, and blurry, and the mind slows. The user is overcome by a feeling of serenity, which in actuality is it's brain slowly shutting down. Many first time users fall asleep during their first trip, and careful steps must be taken to ensure that airways remain open for those who do.

When inhaled, the effect is altogether more violent. The throbbing is intense, and violent, with the users entire body spasming with it. The heart is working faster to pump blood around the body, as the gas replaces oxygen. Instead of a slow shut down, the brain goes into spasms, releasing adrenaline as it believes it has come under attack. This increases the heart rate, and chance of heart attack. When the user finally passes out from lack of oxygen, they often die from chocking on the cloth.