The Lagois is a large, blue bird residing mainly on the outside edges of the Faelands. It is occasionally hunted by various groups of people for its long, luxurious feathers.


Lagois boast large and lengthy feathers in a spine formation along their head and their upper neck. The feathers are tipped with a tannish-gold coloring, and have a blue hue. The rest of the bird is covered with blue plumage as well, and some are also tan-tipped. Lagois are about 6 feet tall at the head, with a wingspan of about 12 feet. They do not have any relation to phoenixes, as some may think.

The Lagois' blood is a bluish-purple color, because of the pure magic they ingest. It is a key ingredient in certain potions and poisons, because of its high concentration of pure magic. When ingested by itself, the blood is said to give more enhanced magical power.

Every Lagois strangely has a large puch on their bellies. This pouch is primarily for storage of items when they migrate, and is not used for the same purpose as a marsupial.

Predators and Diet

The Lagois doesn't really eat anything, per say. They convert high-aura items that they collect from their Migration into a pure liquid form of magic by a process called Aura Condensation. Once the item is converted, they drink the strange liquid, and it somehow keeps them from dying of hunger or thirst.

Many predatory animals hunt Lagois, ranging from medium sized pack animals to humanoids. They're typically hunted by humanoids for their feathers and blood, but other animals hunt them to eat them as well. It is said that killing a Lagois by magical means only makes it more powerful, and given its size and ability to fly, it can be challenging to take down.


Typically, Lagois are reclusive and only leave their Faeland caves during spring and early summer. They migrate to the coasts of Atheryin each season to mate and obtain objects to use in the Aura Condensation process. Lagois tend to be docile around humans, however they do take quite valuable items from humans. Legendary artifacts tend to be found in Lagois' cave homes, because of their powerful auras. However, most artifacts they try to condense resist their magic, and the Lagois simply throw them in their scrap heaps.