A Mhenuur shaman wearing ritualistic stone armor

The Mhekhurr (More commonly known as the Shaman Order) are a ruling class of the Mhenuur race, who are primal magic users that wield the power of the elements to move the world around them. Viewed with an almost zealous, religious reverence by their people, they seek to keep balance to the world and let nature take its course. Their order's central location is in Khor'Juhn-dro.


Shaman view the world as one being, its elements being simply manifestations of the world's personality and traits. They worship the four elemental spirits and view them both as idols to aspire to as well as obstacles to overcome; each spirit representing both positive and negative traits. It is when a Mhenuur becomes a full fledged shaman that they stand at equal ground with the four spirits, then they must learn a shaman's most important traits. Patience, restraint, and wisdom in action, these qualities are viewed as the most important in the order, without them a shaman is unbalanced and can easily destroy nature's order. Survival of the fittest is the order's creed, but they take exception to the interference of civilization.