Minotaurs are native to the Sator Forest In the Kingdom of Usareik; these rare and territorial bull like creatures are intelligent enough to use weapons, and in groups have been known to attack settlements.


Standing at 12ft tall, and more than 700 pounds, a Minotaur can be a terrifying sight. However, minotaurs are not always hostile, especially females. Semi-sentient, they are capable of basic speech, and can be quite mischevious, playing games with travellers minds, and asking them riddles in return for safe passage.

They have a thick layer of fur over their bodies, with a bull like head, and black eyes, the most imposing feature is the two large horns coming from their head. Minotaurs are known Herbivores, and will attack settlements to steal cultivated food, as they are not capable of farming themselves.


Male Minotaurs live on their own or, sometimes, in bands of two or three, roaming forests and grasslands in search of food and females. Females, live in large groups, deep in the forests for protection, hidden away from hunters, and males, who can be quite aggressive, despite being smaller than the females.

Minotaur mating rituals often include competing males ramming each other with their horns. However, this is more a show than anything, and males often walk away relatively unharmed.

Minotaurs have been known to attack small towns and villages. At some stage during their history, a large group attacked the city of Helios. Their attack failing, the minotaurs were turned into slaves, used for construction and war, and now Jarvahian hunters scour the woods searching for minotaurs to enslave, which has drastically reduced their numbers in the wild.