Unrefined Mithril at its purest.


Deposits of Mithril Ore are abundant across the mountains in the southernmost mountain areas of the Lyrian Peninsula. Mithril also appears across the ground along the Faelands, occasionally occuring in liquid pools deep in the ground. Mithril can be found in a highly unrefined state all along the entire continent and surrounding isles, buried deep beneath the surface in mountainous regions. Primitive explosives are typically used to mine the ore out, however due to its brittleness in an unrefined state, explosives must be properly used, or the ore can be damaged and rendered useless.

Manufacture and Refinement

Armor and Weapons

True Mithril armor and weapons are manipulated by magic to obtain their renowned hardness, lightness, and color. The amount of Magic needed to refine the Mithril Ore requires a heavy concentration of pure light, as well as a kinetic force measuring about twice the amount of average gravity. After the process, the now silvery dust resulting from the process is heated in a furnace. This process is extremely difficult to replicate, as the optimum temperature is unknown. One of the best known furnaces for this task is one possessed by the Nokana Empire. How this furnace operates is a mystery, but it burns on average three times hotter than traditional charcoal furnaces. Once melted down, the liquid is put into a mold, cast and worked on like any other metal.


The process involving decorative Mithril is much less complex, and keeps the original color and brittleness the ore has. The ore is simply melted in a smelter at the highest possible temperature, and then recombined into chunks or ingots. Unburned Mithril appears as a dark, heavy, jade-like stone rather than a light silvery metal.


Mithril is used for armor and weapons, though because it is extremely hard to obtain and refine, is not practical for soldiers or guards. Emperors and nobles tend to possess sets of Mithril armor, as well as decorative fixtures and jewelry made of the material.