6' 2"


210 lbs pounds




120 yrs

A fanatical, backwards race of elves, from the Navarshùn region of Thyros


The Navar have typically have dull grey skin, which over the years has hardened, to provide protection to the poisons of Navarshún. They have brilliant yellow eyes, and like most elves, pointed ears. They have an extremely deep and gravelly voice. They are thick skinned and a quite primitive race.


The Navar are, in general, friendly to outsiders, however, they expect the same in return, and if slighted, they can become extremely aggressive. Whilst some Navar believe the culture of Thyros to be superior to their own, as a whole, the elves cling fiercely to their own traditions, though ultimately, this is futile. Many believe the elves to be lackwitted, however, on closer inspection, they are not unintelligent, but simply primitive, preferring basic and functional to elegant and complex. The Navar have an unusual obsession with the static, and believe in a never changing nature to the world - probably because of their homeland, and it's charred nature.

Culture and Religion

The Navar worship the Wyvern Thyrnóc,  the God of the Thyrosic Empire. They believe in the same general thing as the Thyrid state religion does, but add their own nuances to it. The Navar believe that Thyrnóc created certain foods to serve as temptation into sin, and thus reject alcohols.

Blacksmithing is not a manufacturing process to the Navar, but an art-form. Each piece of metal is like an unborn child, waiting to be shaped, like Thyrnóc shaped them. All children are taught how to distinguish between different metals, and how to forge them, each in their own unique way. Some Navar take this almost spiritual art to extremes. They seclude themselves from the rest of the world, and languish in deep underground pits for untold years. These Navar only return once they have crafted the perfect item, and not a moment sooner.

Navarian culture dictates that they cannot use magic, as it is a temptation. This is unusual for a race of elves, and has resulted in the Navar being treated as inferior by nearly every other living race.

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