A depiction of an Ebon Nitis.

A Nitis is a large, quadrupedal, and surprisingly mammalian canid species. Referred to commonly as a Dragonhound, the animals are indigenous to the cold and rugged Kalythos isle, and a few variations have been found throughout the continent.


The Nitis is nearly 6 feet at the shoulder on average, and is covered in thick, soft, grey fur. Nitis are called by the names Dragonhound and Wooly Dragon, due to the fact that their facial features look similar to a dragon. In actuality they are canines with strange adaptations to their environment. They have developed long, strong toes for gripping mountainside cliffs, large incisors as well as molars for cracking bones and ripping flesh, a long, strengthy body to pull itself up large inclines, and finally, a long barbed-tip and poison coated tail to quickly kill its prey. Its thick fur keeps it warm from harsh weather conditions upon mountains and in tundra areas. The Nitis has a thin, pointed face like a dragon's as well.

Predators and Diet

(I'll add some stuff here once we get some worldwide prey animals)


Nitis typically live and hunt in packs of three to six. Each member has a duty: Hunter(s), Alpha Male, Alpha Female, and in packs of six, a Gatherer. They are aggessive only if their territory is invaded, and if they are threatened or starving.


Nitis are used by the officers of the Nokana Legion as mounts, and are a powerful beast in battle. A Nitis is typically awarded only to Taryphos officers, however some will be rewarded to greatly trusted officers of other races.