Nokanian Summer is an extremely hallecenogenic powder made from distilled form of Ambrosia.


Nokanian Summer, on close expection, looks like small, green crystals. However, as this is usually too small to see, it just appears as a green, shiny powder.


Nokanian Summer was designed by the Dramer as an easy way to deliver a more powerful drug. It was based on refined Ambrosia, which is in liquid form.


Nokanian Summer is produced, counter-intuively, adding refined Ambrosia to water. The water is heated, and Ambrosia added gradually. This has the effect of raising the solubility of the water, and forcing it to mix with more Ambrosia than it normally would. When the water is allowed cool, the Ambrosia begins to form crystals, as it's solubility decreases. These crystals are then crushed, and Nokanian Summer is produced.


Nokanian Summer can be eaten, and is quite sweet, but it primarily inhaled through the nostrils, as this gives a strong effect.


The user is overcome by a sense of bliss, and loses all awareness of the outside world. Vivid colors appear and disappear in front of the users eyes - nothing more than a passing thought to the user, who's ability to think is diminished to admiring the pretty colors.

Unlike regular Ambrosia, Nokanian Summer is extremely addictive.