The small, porcupine-like animal of the Khorrum savannas, it is a very common sight away from Mhenuur settlements. Their quills are meant to deter predators, though that doesn't stop ghorrim or brukk'da that are hungry enough.


About the size of a normal porcupine, the Nuum-it are herbivores by nature, though they have been known to eat bones if they're desperate enough. Their quills grow outward from beneath their shell-like plates and grow quickly after broken. The males sport a large horn protrusion on the first plate that is used for fighting off rivals, as well as having colorful plummage to attract potential mates. The "tail" itself hides a cluster of larger quills to make up for their ponderous gait. They reproduce at an alarming rate during the fall months. Despite numerous physical similarities, they are not related to the Hrum-va.


Mhenuur often cull their numbers annually as they can quickly eat any crop left unprotected. They're largely viewed as pests.