The friendly and inquistive clan of the Aq'Ryss, the Oro'kaal were the first of their kind to be discovered by a Mhenuur expedition venturing into their lands. Their alliance with the Mhenuur has lead them down a more promising path for their people, looking to better themselves rather then carry on as animals like the other clans. Their thurst for knowledge and strong affinity to technological engineering has lead many to the advanced cities of Rekkan.






Their close relationship with the Mhenuur has led to attempts in trying to train the Oro'kaal in the use of magic; by binding their souls to the land, an Aq'Ryss can wield magic. Manipulating their life essence bound below to shape the magical essence within themselves and affecting the outside world. Their magic is called Warp, which allows the user to change the state of matter to any other; liquids, solids, and gases changed to other states, but retaining the same properties as their original state.