The Quima is a rather large tuber native to Khorrum, from the surface their stem looks unassuming and dry, hiding the treasure below. It is one of the most cultivated plants of the Mhenuur.


Quima roots are split into two types, absorbing and retaining ones; the absorbing roots tend to be deep brown in color and extremely durable, usually they are small and ring around the stem of the Quima. They are mostly tasteless and act as the main entry for water into the plant. The retaining root tends to be one large tuber, about the size of a watermelon, protected by a deep purple colored 'skin' that keeps moisture from escaping into the ground. Inside, the fruit-like center is bright magenta in color and has the texture of meat, as well as containing excessive amounts of sugary juice. The stem itself runs down deep into the retaining root and is often called the 'Spine'. On the surface, it grows outward as a cactus like plant with extremely bitter tastes.


Quima tend to grow at the base of hills and mountains in Khorrum, prefering moist soil and moderate amount of sunlight. In the wild, the grow very rarely and is an uncommon treat for the Hrum-va. It is also found in Rekkan, but is not a native to the island. The Dramer traded Eder Wood with the early Mhenuur, and have since cultivated it because of it's high energy flesh, and it's potent juices.


Mhenuur settlements cultivate this plant as a good source of water and food, its sweet taste being a major factor in the race's love of it. When harvesting, the skin is peeled off and the juice is usually drained from the retaining root, to either be drank as is or boiled down and concentrated to be fermented into an alcoholic beverage called 'Qumot'; a strong elixir that is rumored to bring luck and happiness. The fruit within is often cut into stakes and salted to preserve it, but it can also be cooked, much like red meat. When cooked, its juices undergo a similar process as with Qumot, but with a lesser potency; the fruit when cooked properly has the texture and taste of beef laced with syrup. The stem itself is often dried and ground up into a sugar-like consistency and with similar, more intense, taste.

The Dramer of Rekkan also use this plant, for both food and for the potent juices it produces. The plant itself is usually eaten, while the strong alcoholic Qumot is mostly exported and sold at market, where it has become popular with sailors and traders.