A Ra'tun is a black, scaled, repitilian creature, with overlapping scales, resembling to ebony. It has a tail as long as it's body, which is very flexible, and red eye, slit like eyes. They resemble small Dragons. They typically grow to 8 feet long, and can grow as big as 10.

As young, they live underwater, ambushing deer, elk and Vartan that pass by. They can remain underwater for 3 hours fully submerged. As adults, they leave the water, displaying tremendous speed and agility, ambushing their prey from treetops.

Ra'tun are completely asexual, and reproduce on their own, laying as many as 10 eggs a year.


Ra'tun live on Rekkan, Dram, and other islands in that region, where their favorite prey can be found. While originally found only on Rekkan, their eggs, which are a beautiful mix of red and black, were sold as decoration, and for cooking. As they are asexual, a single breeding specimen can multiply into hundreds in a relative short space of time.

Prey and Predators

Nothing but sentient races, such as the Dramer, Jarvah and Mhenuur, hunt the Ra'tun - they are at the top of their food chain. While they will eat anything in a pinch, their favorite prey in recent years are domesticated Vartan, who are extremely loyal, but rather easy pray to the extremely intelligent hunter