An old ruin deep in the chasm.

Raven's Maw is a large chasm located in the Southern Lyrian Mountains. It is nearly 38,500 feet (11,734 meters) deep*, and is about 16 km across at the top, however the chasm's wideness shortens the further down it goes.

*Note that this is from the top, not from sea level. The top of the chasm is already located at around 11,000 feet above sea level.


Raven's Maw is located in between the large Mt. Rokaio and a smaller mountain by the name of Hunsai. It extends 35,000 feet into Atheryin from a 6,000-foot-high area in the Pearlknife Mountains. It extends from the southernmost edge of the Anamnesis Temple to the base of Laeruna, and the plateau it is located on drops nearly 2,000 feet at the Temple. The Chasm meets at the base of Laeruna, ending rather abruptly where a giant glacial river dumps into it.

Volcanic Activity

Because of the depth of Raven's Maw, there is great volcanic activity in the bottom of the chasm, however there is very little visible lava due to the ghostly fog in the chasm as well as its uncomprehensible depth. Occasionally, there is an eruption in the chasm and it has weathered and destroyed many civilizations that once thrived inside the chasm.


The Raven's Maw chasm, despite its name, was formed when Lurhasîl, one of the Children of Discord, crashed in an embryonic form into the Pearlknife area. The speed gained from the piercing of the Palisade and energy gathered from Arkai and the Void caused a massive shockwave that uprooted the large Pearlknife Mountain range surrounding the chasm. Later, mortals discovered Lurhasîl in the chasm, and the dragon taught the inhabitants of the chasm the ways of worshiping the "True God", Laira. This is the only known religion that worshipped Laira.

In its more recent years, the large sub-city of Juruna, known in street terms as the Forge, was built into the sides of Raven's Maw to use the lava as an aid in forging some of the strongest weapons.