Rolkakan arose out of a unique brand of martial arts that exploited the Dramer arts of Kinetic Magic and Shapeshifting. It was pioneered after The Red War by the Dragon Monks, but has since found it's way into everyday use, and is the closest thing to religion in Dramer society.

In Spirituality

The Dramer believe that through attaining knowledge and understanding the world around them, they can transcend their physical bodies and become part of the universe. As part of this, the Dramer must understand how their body relates to the universe around them - and how they can make themselves as fluid as the air around them.

In Combat

Rolkakan is used primarily for meditation, but is still a form of martial combat, and can be used as such. In combat, it is lethal, and fluid, allowing the combatant to perform feats of acrobatics and fluidity impossible others. Using pieces of their body, their environment and magic as weapons, it is an extremely offensive and brutual form of combat, intended to be over as quickly as possible. Transformations lasting fractions of a second can make all the different, and small bursts of Kinetic Magic can save or take a life.