Shapeshifting is brand of magic characterised by the ability to change the form of the users body into various useful shapes at will.


Legend tells that the Dramer were created by the shapeshifting dragon Kutsal  when he fell in love with a elven woman named Dray. They inherited the ability to shapeshift from Kutsal, as well their immortality.


Shapeshifting works by trading magical energy to expand the physical form. As such, the smaller the transformation, the easier it is - a fact exploited by the Dramer. Transforming into a smaller form, but with the desired change, often allows for an effortless transformation.

As difficult as it is, shapeshifting can be taught. It requires the student to completely let go of all semblance of reality, and form, and allow the magic that fills the world to shape them, instead of the other way around. This process is helped by drugs, but even the most receptive of students can struggle with basic transformations. More longer lived races, through constant practice, can manage complete transformations, but only through extreme mental exertion.

Pratical Use

Shapeshifting has a variety of practical uses, ranging from combat, to construction, to transport. Perhaps the most important to the Dramer is the ability to turn parts of their bodies into tools. This ability has transformed their entire technology, being able to work on the very big to the very small, and see everything from the inside. This precision has allowed them to excell at technology where other races would struggle.

The Dramer Dragon Warriors and Dragon Monks use shapeshifting as a martial art, but to very different ends. The Dragon Monks study it as an art form, but the Dragon Warriors are trained for battle. Both organizations are extremely respected, but over this, they butt heads constantly. As well as turning parts of their body into armor or weapons, they also transform into projectiles, punching through enemy armor and out the other side.

For transport over short distances, Dramer will often turn into animals, like birds, or big cats, which can travel much faster than a regular Dramer could, especially around cities.