The city of Tóbh is a major Dunaan trading hub that is controlled by the Tóbhan family.



The city of Tóbh is carved into the north-eastern coastline - literally. Originally sea caves, the entire city has been carved into the cliff-face.


The city begins with the huge gap in the cliffs that leads into the city. Reaching the docks, the city is laid out into levels. On the lowest level are the Tunnels - small caves undeveloped, inhabited only by criminals and other unsavoury types. As you climb through the Low District, you notice long, winding streets and poor city planning. This section of the city was the first built, without any real planning. When you finally reach the Cloud District, you are above ground. This is where the cities elite lives, and where the market is - because of access to ground level, which allows the better distribution of goods.

The Tóbh docks are infamous for their lack of cleanliness

Politics and Economics

The Tóbh is one of the most important cities in the entire Dún, both politically and economically. It is one of the largest easternly trade ports, and is a thoroughfare for goods going in and out of the mainland, and to the Kvurian Isles.

The Tóbh's chief exports are materials, such as linen, and cloth, which are manufactured in the city, in huge factories, staffed with underpaid and over worked workers, who often live in terrible conditions. Little is done within the city to improve the conditions for the poor, and the Tóbhan family ruling over the city is famous for being caught in corruption scandals. The town guard would do something about it, but they themselves are often in the pocket of the wealthy and crooked.

The city's lower levels are rife with crime, poverty, prostitution and violence. The town guard do what they can to prevent riots and murders, but do little in the ways of enforcing the laws - which themselves, are fairly loose and vague to begin with.

The city is famous for it's opportunity. A lot of wealth goes through the Tóbh, and those who are willing to do whatever it takes can often make more money than they know what to do with - until someone else takes it away.