An artist's impression of a white Taryphos male.


5' 8"-7' 2"






100-180 years

The Taryphos are a race of tigral people hailing from the Ohkorra Desert. Their distant ancestors are the Kam'ak'tuun, a sentient splinter species of the Harbingers. In modern times, the Taryphos rule the Nokana Empire, as well as the various minor political entities in the Ohkorra Desert.


Taryphos have a large color/pattern range. Their most common colors are orange with black stripes, white with black stripes, or a jet black color, but can have many other differing appearances, such as leopard-like spots and solid golden coats. They have soft, thick fur covering their body, and some have only limited ability to bend their paws. This makes gripping swords and other weapons a more difficult for them. Taryphos are primarily bipedal, however, they walk on four legs when they're relaxed or when they sprint. They are much more agile and quick than the average humanoid because of this.

The race has several different physiological subgroups, all bearing different features that have developed over time:

Nuar Taryphos are built better for cold conditions and more commonly have thick fur. Nuar are more likely to have opposable thumbs, and have slightly more tiger-like features. They usually have a stronger muscular build than Ebon or Orr Taryphos, due to the harsh climbing conditions among the tundra heights of Kalythos Isle. They are more apt at handling weapons, and do not need arm-mounted weaponry to fight.


A drawing of an Ohkorra Taryphos. Note the longer snout and traditional clothing.

Orr Taryphos
have more pointed faces and less fur. They tend to resemble more closely the original Kam'ak'tuun, and the black fur gene is more common amongst this subgroup. More agile than their Kalythos counterparts, Orr Taryphos are just as muscular due to their constant work on their farms and hunting expeditions. Orr are defined differently from the other subgroups because their fingers are not as opposable as Nuar. They can move their fingers and grasp items, however movement is difficult and objects cannot be held for extended amounts of time. They live primarily in the Ohkorra Desert.

Ebon Taryphos live in high mountainous areas and, as a result, have thick fur and the same facial features as the Nuar subgroup. However, Ebon Taryphos have large paws that have no opposable digits whatsoever. They cannot grasp objects and must use arm-mounted weapons in combat. Ebon Taryphos more commonly fight with magic, though, which they have pioneered in over the centuries. They live mostly in Ko'alurun, or elsewhere in the Pearlknife/Ebon Glade/Nahxkuhn region.


There really is no "typical" Taryphos personality, but they are very different depending on the region. Usually, Ebon Taryphos in the Pearlknife Mountains are rather welcoming to strangers, and are not prejudice toward other races. However, the Nuar are opposed greatly toward elves, making little exceptions for any race of elven descent in their government and society. Orr Taryphos are isolated, but very welcoming and friendly. Unfortunately, this can leave them a bit naive when it comes to situations alien to them.


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