The chaotic faction of the former Trynra race that disappeared at the dawn of the Autumn Era, they seek to bring the world back to its magical roots and spread the Faeland plateau's influence. Driven insane by the corruptive powers of the Faelands, they returned and began their work to sow discord across the land.


Originally known as the Cabal of the Centering that encompassed the entire Trynra race, they worshipped the Faelands plateau as a momument from the gods. For generations, many attempts had been made to reach the summit in hopes of catching a glimspe of godhood for themselves. They finally succeeded in the early years of the Autumn Era, their leaders breaking in to the new untamed lands. Shortly after, the entire Trynra race disappeared and no word came from the leaders above, it is unknown as to how or why they vanished. For hundreds of years, their fate was assumed to be that of death, but it was not so; they returned unexpectedly. They assumed the name of the Cerise Cabal after the Faeland's abundant color, along with their new mutations.


Colorful, hedonistic, and insane, the Cabal enjoys life to the fullest as they can try, their lives are built around their enjoyment of earthly and not-so earthly pleasures such as drink, love, music, and anything that can further their enjoyment. They seek to bring their debauchery to the rest of the world, but will settle for themselves when they aren't trying to convert others. A dangerously friendly faction, they welcome anyone with open arms and a full chalice.