The Dukes' War was a small conflict that is known to be the publicized trigger for the Nokana Invasion. It spanned across 125 days from 16th RE 70 to 141st RE 70.

Steps of the War


The Emperor of Nokana at the time, Cikaila Tama I, was a major addict to a multitude of drugs. He received shipments of drugs from each of the most powerful (and richest) drug rings throughout the Empire. In order to lower the cost on his end as well as get more in to him at a faster rate, he removed tax on the rich. This caused a massive slump in the economy, and the large amount of drugs imported with the leftover money were sitting idle, as they were all specified for use by Cikaila.

Economic Downfall & Assassination

In a drug-fueled fog, Cikaila ordered the mass production of more money. This caused extreme hyper-inflation, and the Nokanian Telo eventually lost its value completely. The public was outraged, and the Empire was on the brink of destruction. The Dagai Council, in order to protect the nation, hired a Jarvah operative to assassinate Cikaila. Once the Emperor had died, the Jarvah was immediately captured and interrogated. Though he was confused, the Council released his statements as a conspiracy between the Mhenuur and the Jarvah to destroy Nokana. Propaganda against Jarvah and Mhenuur was released, and orders to exterminate every Jarvah and Mhenuur resident in the Empire were put into place. In order to pull the economy out of the depression, the Dagai Council ordered an official invasion of the Kvurian Isles.


The Dagai Council, at the time consisting of all Snow Wolf supporters, blew the entire event out of proportion. They created overexaggerated propaganda, stating the Jarvah as "public enemies" and "outlaws." After the Jarvah operative was interrogated, he supposedly revealed a conspiracy between the Jarvah and Mhenuur, stating the Mhenuur were the masterminds behind the entire assassination plot. The Council launched on onslaught against the Mhenuur too, and cut off any trade relations they had. The alleged conspiracy was proved as false toward the end of the war, leading to the reveal of a much bigger Nokanian conspiracy. The fabricated conspiracy led to the eventual military buildup and finally invasion of Nokana into the Kvurian Isles.