Thyrra, sometimes refered to as the Jewel of the Empire, is the largest city in Thyros and the Thyrosic Empire. It is a rich trading metropolis, and much of Thyros' wealth comes from it. Thyrra was the ancient capital of multiple kingdoms in Thyros, and was the former Imperial capital. Owing to its status, Thyrra is disbarred from being the Imperial capital of modern day Thyros, and instead functions as a free city, owned by no lord. The Lords' Convocation is generally located here.  


Era (ending) Population
Zenith Era 10,000
Autumn Era 40,000
Brave Era 150,000
Red Era 200,000
Lords Era 330,000
Race Lords Era
Thyrids 130,000
Tallin 70,000
Dunaan 55,000
Leoth 25,000
Other 50,000


Thyrra is built at the mouth of the large Hýn River, where it meets the vast Delephus Sea. Thyros is surrounded by miles of farmland, old forest cleared to meet the cities gigantic food demand. Owing to the Hýn, this farmland is regularly flooded, and thus the farmers tend to work on large communal farms slightly further inland. To the east, Thyrra is dominated by the Eýn mountains, as is the rest of the empire. Holy Mount Thyrod rests here.


Thyrra is arranged in a triangle around the Assembly House, the large former Imperial palace of Thyros. In the south, there is the harbor district, which is also home to the largest market in Thyros, owing to the traders that come from all over. Spices from Kvurian, furs and silks from Norvakia and Jalqunia, all flows into the harbor. To the west and east lie residential districts. The western slums are home to organized crime, the majority of which comes from the cities recent Dunaan immigrants, trading in banned Dramer narcotics. To the east lies housing for the upper classes of Thyrra, the Lords Convocation and their families. There is also a large tower, for viewing of Holy Mount Thyrod. To the north sits the temple district, once known as the Imperial gemstone, the temple district today is a shadow of it's former self. Religious violence is common here, as the old ways of Thyrnóc have gradually given away to the eastern Collective. The former grand temple of Thyrnóc is now a shrine to Kutsal, a fact which the people of Thyrra haven't taken lightly.