Tohrá is a city located in the province of Thyressia, in the Thyrosic Empire. Tohrá is noted as being one of the oldest town in the Empire, and the birthplace of the nation, as the Decree of Empire was declared there in Zenith 160.

Era (ending) Population
Zenith Era 10,000
Autumn Era 15,000
Brave Era 40,000
Red Era 60,000
Lords Era 90,000

Race Lords Era
Thyrids 50,000
Leoth 10,000
Tallin 5,000
Other 25,000


Tohrá is built in the middle of the largest clearing in the Thyressian forests, on the foothills of the mighty Eýn Mountain range. There is a small amount of farmland around the city itself, but they end at the ring of trees surrounding the clearing. 


Tohrá in many ways is a typical Thyridic town, only larger. Its broad cobbled streets are filled with houses and shops and stalls. Starting from the front gate is the shopping district, a large circle of buildings and stalls arranged around a large tree.

Following on from this to the east is a residential area. The streets are not cobbled here, but just duck out in the ground.

To the west is Gryphon's Way, leading to the majestic castle used as a residence by the Lords of Tohrá. To the south of the castle is situated the Church of the Wyrm, a large Thyrnócian church.