Tolat Matan




Red 304



Tolat Matan is the Head Keeper and a Researcher at the College of Rekkan, a Dragon Monk, and the daughter of Relan Matan.

Early Life

Tolat Matan was born to Relan Matan and Talok Tora on the 304th Year of the Red Era. Tolat showed great artistic prowess as a child, and was enrolled in the College of Rekkan from the age of 4. She caused no end of trouble, and was a very unpredictable child. After finishing her time with the Teachers, she joined the Keepers at an early age, and quickly qualified as a Seeker, taking the opportunity to travel and chronicle the world.


Relan Matan compared his daughter to Rekkan Remor - though whether he meant that as an insult or a compliment, he never indicated. Adventurous and stubborn, she wanted to see the entire world. In journals, he described herself in her works as restless, and always seeking something new. She also notes her obsession with both the natural and unnatural worlds, and how they work.

Professional Life

Tolat, at first opportunity, went out into the world. On a expedition to the Kira Jungle for the Keepers as a Seeker, she earned a reputation as a talented artist, and when she returned, was inducted as a fully fledged Keeper. No sooner than she her promotion, she requested to be stationed in Juruna, to study the Lightwell there. When told that was the job of the Researchers, not the Keepers, she left the Keepers to become a member of the Researchers Branch, and became one of the College's leading experts on the Lightwell. All documents of her time there are considered sensitive information. Upon returning and presenting her findings, she ventured out into the world for a final time, spending several Era's away from Rekkan, before returning to her role as Head Keeper in Enlightened 222.

Outside of Rekkan, Tolat is best known for her artwork, chronicling the various different landscapes, animals, machines and people she saw across the world.