War Bloom is a stimulant made from the Knuthian Toad.


War Bloom is made mainly by the Dramer, on the island of Rekkan, and is primarily exported to the Nokana Empire as a stimulant for their military, where consumption is mandatory.


War Bloom is made from a sac inside the Knuthian Toad. This secretes a liquid that gives off an aroma that makes most avian species go into a feeding frenzy. The toads are breed in a warm, acidic environment, similar to the stomach of wild birds. When they reach breeding age, 95% of the toads are killed. The remaining 5% go back into breeding, and their sacs later extracted.

Of those killed, their sacs of extracted, and their bodies used to feed the new youths. The sacs are then blended into a meat paste.


War Bloom is consumed orally, usually with other food. It is a crucial component of Nokanian Empire's military rations. Taking it without food is ill advised, as well as in large doses.


When consumed, the first noticeable effect is that colors are enhanced, seemingly brighter and more vivid than usual. The user then becomes extremely agitated, aggressive and single-minded, performing their often gruesome orders to the letter.