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    Elves are the result of breeding between two races of men?
  • Despite being more modernized, Dramer technology still does not rival Ancient Lyrian technology?
  • The planet of Atheryin is roughly the size of Neptune?
  • Kalopsis is one of the oldest gods in the universe?
  • The Autumn War was the last confirmed presence of Lyrian Demigods?
  • Laira is the name of both a god, and a realm?

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The current rulers of Khorrum, the Mhenuur are outwardly friendly and somewhat naive when it comes to other civilized cultures. Only their mastery of the elements have kept invaders at bay and allowed them to survive in the harsh savannas of Khorrum. Their governing body is the Mhekhurr, a large order of shaman, who rule from their capital, Khor'Juhn-dro. They are at eternal war with theWurxith.

Mhenuur are a bipedal hyaenidae race, stout and powerfully built despite their short stature (Average is 4'8" to 5')  and slight hunched appearance. Male fur color ranges from dark brown to a deep maroon and female coats a light brown to a dark orange. Their pupils and iris are invisible, giving them the appearance of their scalera's color, which can be bright oranges, yellows, reds, and, on rare occasions, purple or gold. Their jaws are lined with teeth typical of omnivores with the exception of twice the amount of canine teeth, two pairs of normal canines on the upper jaw and a smaller incisor-like canin behind the bottom jaw's normal canines.  (Read More)


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